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Registration and accreditation of representatives of foreign companies




Gemix corporation offers you full range of services in accreditation of branch offices and registration of representatives of foreign companies in State Registration Chamber at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, and also services in registration with a tax authority and extra-budgetary funds.

Representative (branch office) of foreign company is not a legal body, invested with company's property and acts on the basis of provision ratified by authorized body of the company. Head of representative (branch office) is appointed by foreign company and acts under the power of attorney.

Representative of foreign company represents the Company and enforce protection of its interests.

Opening representative of foreign company in Russia requests permission of accreditation authority (certain type of authority depends on a form of activity of Company). Representative office is not duty to keep account in full volume, the volume of accounts that allows to calculate tax liabilities is considered to be enough for tax authority.

Opening branch office of foreign company proceeds involving State registration Chamber. Branch office exercise all functions of foreign company or part of them
in Russia, including representative functions.

Within registration of representative and accreditation of branch offices Gemix Corporation will render following services:

  • Legal consultation concerning accreditation or liquidation of representative (branch office) and also concerning changing of name, principal location or head of representative (branch office);

  • Preparation and filing set of documents to registration authority, maintenance of client within filing documents on his own behalf;

  • Registration of representative (branch office) with a tax authority

International tax planning
Our company provides following services in international tax planning
Company registration in Russia and in foreign jurisdictions, shelf companies for sale, complex maintenance
Registration and accreditation of representatives of foreign companies
Complex legal maintenance
Assets protection
Opening bank accounts
Legal support of transactions
Legal due diligence of documents
Translation of documents

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